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Fishing & Eating

If you catch the fish yourself, it’s cheaper!?
The regular price of a red-snapper is ¥4,180, but if caught it can be eaten for only ¥3,245, just as a flounder is normally ¥4,950, but when caught it becomes ¥3,905. We can fish for our own fish and eat it fresh at a discount price. We hope you will use this system to enjoy fishing and eating fresh, flavorful fish!

*The prices of each fish may differ depending on the branch.
**The types of fish available may vary depending on what’s in stock.

FirstCatch your own fish!


Please rent the fishing rod for \110. Fishing bait is free.

*Prices may differ depending on the branch.


You start fishing! Let the staff know what fish you would like to catch. Target the prey and begin!! If you are having a difficult time catching a fish, you can ask the staff and they will give you some advice.



Hand in the caught fish to the staff.
We will begin preparing the fish that has been caught.

SecondChoose how you would like the fish you have caught to be cooked!

You can choose how you would like the fish you have caught to be served! You can even have one fish prepared in two different ways!
For example, you can have half of the fish fried tempura style, and the other half made into sushi!

*Sushi preparation will cost extra.


Menu Book


You can eat one fish prepared in two different ways!

  1. Sashimi
    Outstandingly fresh! Enjoy the real taste of fish which you could only experience by having it raw.
  2. Grilled Fish, Boiled Fish
    Grilled Fish, Boiled Fish
    The superb seasoning of the fatty fish with salt! Spectacular when grilled and boiled!
  3. Deep-Fried Fish
    Deep-Fried Fish
    Plump, meaty fish soft on the inside and crispy on the outside!
  4. Sushi
    Speaking of Japan, this has to be it!! A simple fusion of raw fish and rice. This is the dish that you just want to get!

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