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Oyster Huts

Finally!! We have begun ZAUO’s Oyster Huts for this year!

At last, oysters are in season and we ZAUO have opened up our Oyster Huts once again! At these huts, we can savor fresh, juicy oysters by barbecuing them! This year, we can enjoy these huts in front of ZAUO Main Branch which is located in Kota Nishi Ku.
For those of you who wish to eat oysters but don’t want to go so far for them, it is now possible to have barbecue oysters in Fukuoka city! We hope you visit ZAUO’s Oyster Huts this winter and enjoy eating and drinking at our seasonal restaurant.

Wintertime Special:until the  the end of March!!Oyster Huts in Fukuoka

Oyster Hut Main BranchLocated inside of ‘ZAUO Main Branch’ From November 1
To end of March

Since it is on the seacoast, you can enjoy ‘gifts from the sea’ while viewing the Hakata Bay.

79-6, Kota, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 819-0203

The route to Oyster Hut Main Branch

Take ‘Imajuku’ at route 202 bypass ‘Imajuku Otsuka’ intersection.
From ‘Imajuku intersection’, head toward ‘Fukuoka City Umizuri Park’.