Fishing Restaurant ZAUO

The ZAUO Soul

What is the HARBOR HOUSE!? It is a company that runs ZAUO and originates from the Japanese word ‘monozukuri’ which means ‘manufacturing.’ We are working on the following…

Great Taste and Fun. Restaurant Development Which Began from ZAUO

Restaurant Division

No Challenge, No Future.

Actually, HARBOR HOUSE started out as an apparel company and a restaurant company. The idea of ‘how fun it would be to have a restaurant where you could fish on a boat’ was what gave birth to our creation, ‘ZAUO’. By preparing and eating fish that you have caught yourself, you can be truly grateful for life. Before you know it, you are experiencing food education in the middle of the city. On a hill at the back of the main branch of ZAUO, we raise our own Kitazaki chickens and grow our own vegetables. We even dig up potatoes sometimes! ZAUO, comes from ‘monozukuri (manufacturing).’ Even with small ideas, we put them into action one by one and give it our best to achieve our goal of impressing our customers. This is something we vow to continue.

Restaurant Info - An Introduction to the Type of Operations Being Conducted

  • Ramen ZAUO
    Ramen ZAUO
  • Specialized in pork dishes ZHU-TON
    Specialized in pork dishes
  • Hakata Zanmai Marutoku Restaurant
    Hakata Zanmai
    Marutoku Restaurant
  • Kashiwaya Genjiro
  • Hakata Odaidoko Mamauo
    Hakata Odaidoko

Creating Original High-Quality Goods Using Speed and Ideas!

Sales Promotion Corporate HQ

We would like to value the feeling of something being the “only one.”

HARBOR HOUSE started with the determination to create original goods for various people and companies. Now, our sales promotion corporate HQ continues to plan and propose ideas for novelty items, original goods, uniforms, and clothing. In a world where planning ability is crucial, we assure you when we claim that our sales promotion corporate HQ’s ability to come up with ideas is guaranteed. Since we have a printing factory, embroidery factory, and transcription factory in our company, we can make T-shirts from a single one and the process is quick. We continue to make that original ‘only one’ item.

How Would You Like to Make an Original T-Shirt?

A Group of Professionals in “monozukuri (manufacturing)” Make the Restaurants

Development Division

Switching from cutting with a kitchen knife to using a hammer, we make our restaurants with our own hands. This could also be something that overthrows conventional common practice. It was the company president’s passion toward ‘monozukuri (manufacturing)’ which started this activity. Now, it has evolved into an organization made up of our development division, building department, and experts on store architecture. We can definitely say that our development division is an unsung hero.
They build one large thing with everyone’s efforts. ‘The customers joy becomes our joy.’ These are all things that the company president learned from his father. ZAUO’s history involves the evolution of the restaurants architecture. It is because our building staff is always thinking about what type of structure would heighten the excitement for the customers that ZAUO’s evolution will not cease.