Fishing Restaurant ZAUO

武藤 英次

[Tips for a party organizer] A technique for a successful and exciting year-end party to gain recognition and cachet from your boss and colleagues. 


Even at the beginning of winter season, people around me are enthusiastically taking efforts for their career enhancement or skill up until late at night.

The bright profile of the colleague who is enjoying a lively discussion using English terms repeatedly over beer made me secretly make a small decision “to take more efforts” in purpose of bidding farewell to a hopeless and unguarded feeling.

While I was feeling ashamed in drinking together with my colleague like this, my boss suddenly ordered me to organize a year-end party. Taking this chance, I wish I could gain recognition and cachet from my boss as well as colleague in organizing the successful and exciting year-end party. However, I’ve never been in charge of organizing any event and I don’t know what to do. What shall I do?!

Please relax. We guarantee the great success for you, a lost lamb.

We will give you some tips as a technique promising the successful year-end party.

“Short Performance” or “Chugalugging” is a relic of the past?


A Party Stunt used to be popular as an annual event at the year-end party of every company. Especially, new employees were forced to do some short performance as a rite of passage, when they often played a relentless and unspeakable performance. An innocent new employee could be a target for the drunken boss unfortunately… However, if a boss would do that these days, everybody might treat him with contempt.

Is there any good method to liven up the year-end party without challenging a rash performance or behaving recklessly?

80% of the success depends on the venue?!  A wrong venue choice might cause a terrible disaster?


Firstly, the most important key to success is advanced and careful research for the venue of the year-end party. A wrong choice of the restaurant as a venue with unsatisfactory food and atmosphere could be enough reason to cause a regrettable year-end party, so please take time in choosing the venue carefully.

If possible, you should visit the candidate restaurants to check the food and atmosphere beforehand privately. At that time, please make sure to remember the staff name, check a line-up of alcoholic drinks and collect miscellaneous information as well.

Fishing Restaurant Zauo with all-you-can-fish as well as all-you-can-eat style is recommendable for the year-end party!


As I explained, the venue is the key to success. Then, I would like to give you an instruction on how to liven up the year-end party at “Zauo” where you can fish and eat the catch there.

“Zauo” has a stage that looks like a real fishing boat, which could play a part to liven up the atmosphere of the year-end party. Without any short performance, “Fishing” has enough of an impact to be a major attraction. You can sit back and relax. Even if otherwise, every staff of Zauo is full of energy and you can get them to join your year-end party world to be your assistant.

They can understand the situation and feel rewarded with their job when being spoken to by customers in a friendly way. You don’t need to hesitate to call out to them.

When you caught a fish successfully, the staff surely assists you and a big drum will be resonating in the restaurant, which contributes to increase the festive mood.

However, if you would leave everything up to the staff to liven up the party, you will disgrace your family name. Please make sure to be watchful. For example, some colleague caught a fish, please call out getting into the drum rhythm of the restaurant, “Look Mr. A! He caught a brilliant sea bream now! It’s a matter of congratulations for our company!”

There is no time for a party organizer to be hesitant or flattering.

You would be failing if you could not liven up the party when somebody caught the fish that are called by different names as they grow larger. At that time, you are supposed to call out “The fish Mr. B caught now is the large grown fish. He should be grown up and promoted in our company next spring!”

Don’t worry if your comments would not be so hilarious! You can relax because everybody would be already submerged in Fishing Wonderland! 


A fishing boom seems to be just coming again nowadays. It’s a chance for you to liven up the year-end party with your catch in purpose of obtaining the recognition and cachet from your boss.


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