Fishing Restaurant ZAUO


Here we come New York!

The Zauo Story.

In Chelsea, New York. November, 2017


What you see here is the inside of a three-story building in Chelsea, New York. Can you see the Japanese guys in Zauo T-shirts working hard on the construction?

Yes, this is the inside of Zauo Chelsea, opening next year! 

We’re getting ready for the opening!

Going back to the origins…

Do you know how Zauo started?


Our chairman, Noriki Takahashi founded Harbor House in 1986 in Fukuoka, Japan.

At the time, Harbor House was a fashion company specializing in uniforms, t-shirts, sportswear and accessories.

The company then established themselves as a hospitality company where there was one wish to make guests happy. We then thought about building a waterwheel inside the restaurant.

After further investigation, we found that we did not have enough space to build a waterwheel, but we were able to build a large boat inside! We also built fish tanks, and eventually decided to have our guests catch fish from the tank.


And this is how ZAUO was born. 

“Guests can catch their own fish from the boat!”

This unique concept became widely popular among families, couples, and groups. Our restaurant started in Hakata, Fukuoka of Kyushu region, and now we have multiple locations throughout Japan.

While we are very happy to see our business grow, we continue to seek ways to improve. How can we make our guests happier, how can we transport and take care of our fish, how can we improve our restaurant operation, and so on. We strive for a better restaurant, and we continue to learn from our unique experiences, gaining knowledge every day.

And here we are today…

We, at Zauo, don’t consider ourselves to be just restauranteurs.

We are not only offering good service and food; we are doing our best to offer unique and unforgettable experiences. 

We want to see the joy and excitement of catching the fish, to feel grateful to eat the fish, and thanking them for their lives. These emotions can be easily forgotten in everyday life. We offer a place to evoke these emotions, and this is what we mean when we say 

“Creating Enjoyment”.


We offer many types of “joy” across borders.

We offer our guests excitement by interacting with our staffs;

We work hard to promote the growth of the business and consistently create “joy”.


We celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2016.

And here we are, almost ready for our New York location. We have been working on this for over three years!


No Challenge, No Future.

Zauo is finally setting sail for the world ocean!!


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