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Here We Come, New York . But Why New York??

Here We Come, New York

It was July, 2017.

We were visiting New York to do some research. We were looking for new concepts for our business in Japan, and we saw many restaurants serving Japanese food here in New York. Some were simply wonderful and some weren’t as great as others.


It was then we decided that we want to open a Zauo restaurant here in New York!

Imagine entering the restaurant and being welcomed by a huge boat hanging from the ceiling; and by a fish tank filled with fish swimming about. Smiles and laughter coming from our guests while they catch the fish; staff members nearby offering great hospitality; and authentic Japanese cuisine being served featuring the fish freshly caught by the diners.

We offer more than great service and food, we offer an unforgettable experience. We want to offer this experience in the United States!

These thoughts came into the minds of both the Takahashi brothers, Kazuhisa and Takuya; it seems like fate that the two brothers shared the same wish.


As soon as they thought about and discussed it, they moved quickly and started the process. On November 20, 2014, Zauo, Inc. was founded in New York City!

Everything is Handmade. Yes, everything!

Zauo’s principles and brand identity is based on their dedication to craftsmanship and production.

Since the early days of Zauo history, the interiors of the restaurant including the boat, which is now the symbol of the restaurant has been handmade. By making things with their own hands, it is like giving life to the restaurant.

And New York is not an exception.

Chairman Noriki Takahashi has been working hard on making the prototype of the Zauo boat for many months, and it is now finally completed in New York!  




We are already very excited just thinking about our guests coming to our restaurant.

Our wish is to continuously offer surprises and unforgettable experiences. With that goal in mind, we strive to continue challenging ourselves.  



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