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Restaurant Manager, an ex-professional comedian, offers us tips on how to enjoy Zauo twofold.

I heard a rumor that Osaka/Namba Main Branch is attracting the customers in enlivening the atmosphere. It seems that the Restaurant Manager who used to be a professional comedian is altering Zauo into the laughing melting pot.   

To probe into the truth, I tried the direct interview with him!

…Sorry to bother you during your busy schedule. Can you please make a self introduction?

大阪・難波本店店長の小林 渉さん。 入社15年、大阪出身コテコテの大阪人。最近ハマっている趣味はBBQ。好きな魚はオコゼ。

Mr Wataru Kobayashi, Restaurant Manager of Osaka/Namba Main Branch. 

15th years has passed since having joined the company. A hyper Osaka person, born in

Osaka. His favorite fish is scorpion fish.

Hello! I’m Kobayashi, Restaurant Manager of Osaka/Namba Main Branch of Zauo. Thank you indeed for choosing and visiting our restaurant for the interview today.

---You really have a suitable impression as a manager of Osaka branch! I was almost stunned with your attractive smile.

Really! I’m so happy to hear that. Despite my appearance, I used to be a professional comedian before and your kind comment is much appreciated.

--- Oh, I didn’t know that you were a comedian. I want to listen to that story later. By the way, I heard a rumor that Osaka Main Branch has a lively atmosphere and the reason why I came here was to know the secret.

Are you sure about the rumor? Then, I should reveal the secret. To tell the truth, we have some secret menu, which is never be found on the restaurant menu.

After we say, “This is not on the menu”, a clapping of the hands by all staff as well as customers together along with a drum signal occurs in the restaurant. This funny ceremony causes a great stir among the customers and energizes them. For a fish customers caught by themselves (one and only product in the world), every staff is enthusiastically cheering with other customers visiting the restaurant at that time!! So that the customer won’t forget Zauo Namba Main Branch, our staff is practicing the ceremony procedure every day.


--- Wow! That’s wonderful! Do you have any other secret menu?

Yes, we have. As it is surely a fanatic menu, I’m hesitating to say that.

It is so -called Speed Fishing Competition. The winner who could catch the fish first can get the whole fish for free. Besides that, we are helping the entertainment for a group party with something like Bingo Game. Furthermore, our staff is trying to eavesdrop on a conversation of the customers in toasting and provide them with surprise service in accordance with their memorial event. It’s free of charge!!! (LOL).


---Your talk is making me want to try fishing. Is there any secret key to catch a fish promptly? As I’m not good at fishing, I appreciate your advice. 

Surprisingly, many customers are expecting to catch fish instantly in such an amusement-type restaurant like Zauo, however they misunderstand. The truth is deeper than expected. As the condition of fish depends on each day, we need a special technique to catch fish speedily. The spiny lobster (ISE-EBI) butter works very well as bait. Zauo Staff should know more in detail than me (LOL). Some staff told me Wasabi or Paprika attract the fish, even though I doubt that. Still, I admire the staff for their enthusiastic study about fishing. Therefore, the customers who are keen to listen to staff’s advice could be the winner, I guess.

--- Is that so?!  I feel that my image about Zauo has been changed today! By the way, what made you to jump into Zauo from the comedian world?

That was clearly because I found the common point between the comedian world and Zauo. A Comedian cannot be made out as a pro just in telling the funny things. The important key is to play catch ball anticipating each other’s feeling between comedian and customers, while enjoying the lively atmosphere. I found Zauo has a same stance with the stage for a comedian. I think the wonderful point about Zauo is we can offer what the customer wants within a limited time.

Honestly, I wanted to be successful as a comedian. (With a bitter smile).

-- - I see. You mean that one-way service cannot entertain the customer, right?

That’s right. Your comment is exactly what I wanted to say. On the stage as Zauo, I hammer the big drum to liven up the customers and make them smile, I hope.

I had been working at this restaurant from its opening. When I found a sense of unity with the customers, I feel so happy to have been working here so far. I wish the customer could be free to consult with us about anything.

Furthermore, their suggestion for us would also be appreciated.


--- I understand. I’m feeling I should ask about the secret menu at the closest Zauo branch restaurant in my town (LOL).  Thank you very much for your pleasant talk during your busiest time.

Manager Kobayashi, a father of two kids, is enjoying the comedy competition with 5 years’ old boy on holidays. He has a policy that “the best way to serve the customers is to make them laugh”, even at home. The collaboration of food/beverage and comedy is generating the echoing laughter in Zauo Osaka Branch today as well.


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