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A heart-warming activity for parent and child. The selected 5 farms for Eco-Agriculture Experience.


Sorry to ask suddenly, but do you know how the daily vegetable on your dining table is produced? Vegetable is an ingredient for us to enjoy the right food seasonally. The activity that you can experience the process of vegetable production is “Agriculture Experience” hosted by some farms. I understand everybody has a common idea to prefer the surely safe vegetable that we directly ingest. For that purpose, self-sufficiency might be the best. But still, you can change your perception towards the food once you actually try to join the agriculture experience, I suppose. This time, I will introduce 5 farms where you can join the agriculture experience with your kids.


[Agriculture Experience School “SORASHIDO]


Consisting of Saitama Honkou (Akashinouen) in Miyoshicho, Saitama prefecture and Takasakiko (Tampopo Nouen) in Takasaki-city, Gunma prefecture, SORASHIDO is offering an opportunity for you to join the agriculture experience, which opens twice a month, on Saturdays. In “Spring/Summer curriculum”, you can enjoy the seeding mainly for juicy summer vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber and tomato, while seeding mainly for green vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and green peas in “Autumn/Winter curriculum”. No matter what the season is, you can enjoy the agriculture experience as well as cooking with the actual harvested vegetables or bring them back home of course.

After graduating the curriculum, you will be reaching the level to enjoy a private vegetable garden. Participation fee based on the ticket system is 9,700 yen for one time, a pretty reasonable price. As you can also bring your kids including pre-school children, it could be a good opportunity to start a private vegetable garden with your family.


[Yachimata Fureai Organic Farm]


Within a distance of 45 minutes from midtown area, “Yachimata Fureai Organic Farm”, located in Yachimata city, Chiba prefecture, is being operated as a rented organic farm. Equipped with a diaper-changing facility space as well as a nursing room, every family even with an infant can enjoy feeling at rest. Recommendable season should be undoubtedly early summer (June) and late autumn (November). During such a harvest season, you can experience to gather familiar vegetables like potato, pumpkin and sweet potato.

[Yachiyo Agriculture Exchange Center]


The place you can try to grow rice is “Yachiyo Agriculture Exchange Center” (Yachiyo Nougyo Koryu Center) in Chiba prefecture. You can bring back the harvested “Koshihikari” brand rice (unpolished rice) up to 20 kg. Through seasonal activities such as rice planting in spring as well as rice reaping in autumn, you can have a real feeling about the hard work involved in growing rice.

[Komatsuzawa Leisure Farm]


Komatsuzawa Leisure Farm (Nouen)”, located in Yokozemachi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama prefecture offers a variety of activities such as collecting stag beetles/Japanese rhinoceros beetle and fishing for river trout, in addition to grape picking and digging sweet potato. As the children living in town are losing the opportunity to get back to nature, this kind of facility is so valuable.

[Yatsugatake Yes Farm]



Yatsugatake Yes Farm” in Yamanashi prefecture is an agriculture experience facility equipped with accommodation buildings called farmhouse. You can decide your staying duration from overnight to a week, or half year. This facility can respond to your strong will to challenge the agriculture in settling down.



Actually, when you touch the soil, your five senses such as “the sense of sight” or “the sense of touch” are stimulated, which is expected to work for restoration of serenity as well as improvement of immune strength. Why don’t we share the joy to dine with family through the agriculture experience?


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