Fishing Restaurant ZAUO


Notice of the reopening of the shop.

Thank you very much for using Zauo and our group stores.
We would like to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to those who have been affected by the new coronavirus and to all those involved.
As part of our efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, all Zauo stores have been closed since April 8, 2020, but we are pleased to announce that they have resumed operations.

【Notice of the reopening of the shop.】
●Zauo Main brunch  May/22 ~ Open as usual
●Tenjin brunch   May/22 ~ Open as usual
●Namba Main brunch May/22 ~ 17:00~22::00
●Shinjuku brunch  May/22 ~ Normal opening hours~22::00
●Meguro brunch   May/22 ~ Normal opening hours~22::00
●Shibuya brunch  May/22 ~ Normal opening hours~22::00
●Tokorozawa brunch May/22 ~ Normal opening hours~22::00

For the time being, all stores will be closed at 22:00.

Please check the store information page for Kameido and Tsunashima stores.
For other stores, please contact the store directly.



【Safety Initiatives】
For the time being, we will take the following measures to ensure that you can enjoy your meals with peace of mind.

◆The temperature will be inspected (non-contact) when you enter the store, and we will not accept visitors who are over 37.5℃.
◆Staff members are required to take a temperature check when coming to work, and those who are above 37.5℃ will not be allowed to work.
◆Sterilizing liquid at the entrance and hand washing detergent in the hand washing area.
◆Staff members also wash and disinfect their hands frequently.
◆Tables, menus, chairs, etc. will be sanitized when guest leave.
◆We will try to avoid denseness by keeping a space between guests and the fishing area.
◆All staff will wear masks for cooking and serving.

In order to avoid denseness, we will guide you not to use all the seats.。
Therefore, we may have to restrict the entry or postpone the fishing time when it is crowded.
Please note that reservations will be given priority. We recommend that you make an appointment when you come to our store.



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