Fishing Restaurant ZAUO

"Notice of reopening of some stores"
We have been closed since April 8, 2020, but some of the Zauo directly managed stores will reopen.
(Kansai) Zauo Namba Main StoreMay 22 ~ 17:00 ~ 22:00
(Kyushu)Zauo Tenjin StoreOpen as usual
     Zauo Main Store Open as usual
(Kanto) Zaoao Shinjuku, Meguro, Shibuya, Tokorozawa Open as usual ~22:00 from May 28
     Kameido.Tsunashima from May 27 See store details for opening hours.

For other stores not listed, please contact us directly.
We are committed to providing safe and secure business operations,so we ask for your continued support and cooperation in some areas.

A similar restaurant opened in Hong Kong and Osaka-Shinsekai near the ZAUO Namba branch.
We are asked by many customers "Is the restaurant connected with you?"
The restaurant is irrelevant to "ZAUO" at all.Please be careful not to make a mistake.